Snowstorms Impact to Repair Shops May Not Show Until Spring

Often the assumption made is that auto repair shops always enjoy an increase in business following winter storms. The assumption is that potholes, ice and other winter driving hazards will bring in the business.

While repeated snow storms may increase business for car washes, but Tracy Ushler of East Side Auto Body in Millville says “It’s hard to tell if it’s really more than most winters. We probably won’t see a real fluctuation until about late March or early April.”

It is common for customers to come in for estimates after the bad weather has passed. They may come in earlier for repairs like fender benders, flat tires or battery issues.

Jason Boggs of Boggs Auto Collision Rebuilders agrees. He believes that even with the stormy winter, he is seeing approximately the same number of customers as he does throughout the year. He says, “The number one indicator of work supply in the industry is miles driven.”

He believes customers drive less when there is snow, although the snow can create other needed repairs for some customers. At times, when the weather is bad, customers will cancel scheduled repairs and reschedule for another time. When the weather breaks, he generally sees more business, including those using their tax refunds for needed repairs.

Bruce Peterson, the owner of Keep it Shining Car Wash says that the snow does help. “Absolutely, there’s been a big increase. After the last storm, it was probably four times the average.”



Posted on February 25, 2014 at 10:00 AM