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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Get Enough Good Attention

The teen pop star, Justin Bieber has reportedly been seen with his all famous chrome-plated Fisker Karma, which he got for his 18th birthday.

5 Important Forms of Preventative Car Maintenance

It’s never fun to take your car into a mechanic for an oil change only to discover you have so much wrong with it that your expected $40 expenditure has turned into $400. I guess this is what happens when you go so long in between oil changes and beat your car into the ground....

Auto-Repair Shop Saved From Possible Inferno

The Abilene Fire Department in Texas received a call around 4am informing them of a fire at the Abilene Auto Doctor in Buffalo Gap last September 20.

Cascade Moves Into New Place On October 1

Since it started operations in 1969, the Cascade Auto Clinic has been in the City of Redmond. It doesn’t matter if they have moved to different areas; they still remain in the City of Redmond.

Car Care Council Adds Four More Videos To Help Consumers

Car Care Council has scheduled to release four new videos as part of its award-winning consumer video, “Auto Service and Repair: What to Expect” every two weeks starting at 9:30am. The video series started last Tuesday, September 25.

AAA Simplifies Computer Diagnosis

Almost everyone hears alarm bells whenever auto-repair technicians recommend that they check your car via a "computer diagnosis." Whenever an average Joe hears the term "computer diagnosis," they think that there are some serious issues under the hood.

Auto-Repair Shop A Total Loss After Fire

A fire ate through an auto-repair shop at southeast Grand Rapids last Tuesday.

YourMechanic Brings Mechanics To Your Doorstep

Don’t like the hassle of going to an auto-repair shop? Then, this one is for you! YourMechanic is a technology start-up that will make your life easier. The company will take away the auto-shop and will bring the mechanic straight to your doorstep.

Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Come On

One of the most terrifying things about driving isn’t the prospect of getting into an accident, but the notion that at any point, something in your car could stop working properly, leading to the dreaded “check engine” light coming on.

How A Privacy Law Is Violated Inadvertently

Companies may be violating privacy laws without really knowing it.

AAA Tennessee Joins with Local Shop

Parkway Auto Center and AAA Tennessee had made a lease agreement together and its something very unusual for a corporate business to go through but both businesses are in high hopes that the partnership will be beneficial to both parties, hence would keep the business moving.

Auto Mechanic Shortage in Phoenix

They say that the right people should be at the right job for them to perform well but what if there were only a few of those who qualify for such jobs?

Auto Repair Shop Busted For Drugs

Around Los Angeles there were 17 drug suspects that the federal agents arrested. The said suspects were said to be part of a network of drug dealers that imported cocaine, heroin and “high purity” crystal methamphetamine from Mexico.

Bright Employment Prospects in Auto-Repair Industry

The jobs statistics in our country may suggest that employment has not recovered in the pre-financial downturn era but one industry is certainly lacking in manpower.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible Stolen from Dr Phil

A very popular TV host recently lost his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible. The said owner is no other than Phil McGraw.

How to Know When It's Time to Change Your Tires

Of all the parts of your car, the tires are arguably the most important. Aside from getting you to point A to point B, properly taken care of tires helps keep the car on the ground during harsh weather, allows for accurate and pinpoint turning, and makes it so your car can stop...

New Auto Shop Replaces A Closing One

Kelly’s Auto Service, found at Elbur corner Madison Avenue, is soon to be closing and auto mechanic Bill Kelly is packing everything else except some equipment to be left.

Sky High Repair Bill For The Conquest Evade

When s&%t hits the fan, you can always feel secure in Conquest’s new vehicle; the Evade. Based on a Ford’s 550 Super Duty commercial truck chassis, the Evade will let you scare other drivers off the road with its “massive” body work.

Auto Repair Business Gets Better

As the technology and quality of cars improve, more car owners are holding on to their cars. This and the fact that most people have not actually recovered from the recent downturn are the primary reasons why the auto repair business is getting a boost in sales.

Beating High Gas Prices

For the past few weeks, gas prices have steadily increased. There are several reasons why fuel costs increase. But one of the reasons is the uncertainty in the Middle East, particularly with what is happening in Syria and Iran.

Tie-Rod Problem On 778,000 Toyota Vehicles

Toyota has sent a letter to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration regarding some 778,000 vehicles currently on the road.

Sears Re-Connects With Customers On New Media Campaign

Sears Auto Center has overhauled its marketing and advertising campaign that highlights the company’s commitment to re-connecting with customers. The advertising campaign was launched in various media channels.

Common Auto Repair Services

Most car owners don’t have to deal with the most severe problems that often befall automobiles - blown transmission, dead alternator, etc - but there are a number that almost every single person who owns a car has to deal with through the course of their lifetime. These services...

A Century Of Selling Ford Vehicles For One Family

Family businesses, it has been said, don’t last more than three generations. If that saying is true, then this family business is surely an exception.

Bringing The Latest Apps On Your Car Radio

It seems that smart-phones are not the only ones getting upgraded with new applications. The head units of BMW and Ford has gotten new app themselves.

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