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Replacing a Broken Rear View Mirror

Isn’t it disappointing when either of your car’s rear view mirror gets damaged? Worse if you got your mirror totally knocked off. This will definitely be a threat to your safety and security when driving.

Auto Repair Wins in Allen Township

The decision on the zoning case in Allen Township is in favor of the zoning board. The case was relayed twice to the Sixth District Court of Appeals.

DIY Auto Repair Saves Money

People opt “do-it-yourself” jobs in order to save money except for many vehicle owners who avail basic maintenance and repairs for their vehicles.

Online Parts Saves You Money

Save money with auto repairs by DIY, just like Chad Pape who is always on the go and buys his parts online.

MATS 2013, the Mid-America Trucking Show

Found at Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, the Mid-America Trucking Show this year took off last March 21-23.

Maintenance After Cold Winter Makes Cars Lasts Longer

Winter causes a few car problems, hence spring is the perfect time for car check-ups, take your car maintenance routine and have the repairs done as early as that. As Courtesy Motors suggests, that car owners do this to avoid aggravating any problems and give the car a longer...

Air Vents Should be Cleaned Often

A ton of leaves have already fallen off your car and more often than not, you just leave it alone thinking it wouldn’t hurt your car. But did you know that in the long run, this clutter can harm your air vents?

Car Lot Rules Reconsidered in Hagerstown

It was Tuesday when officials at Hagertown City said that they are going to work with area car lot owners to change a part of the city’s Land Management Code amendment that states car lots on properties lesser than 40,000 square feet as nonconforming.

Smart Car Repair Franchise Opportunities

Revive! is a mobile shop offering body-related automotive repairs at the very doorstep of their customers. The company is now opening opportunities for comprehensive car repair service franchise at reasonable prices.

Fire At Auto Shop Wolcott Road

An auto repair shop located beside a Citgo gas station at 1552 Wolcott Road caught fire at around 3 in the afternoon. The fire started in a car in one of the repair bays, after which, the shop underwent extreme damage.

40 Year Old Auto Repair

Luther and Donna Rhodes celebrate the 40th year of their auto repair business today.

Revive Franchise

An auto repair company that offers customers services for minor damages, bumper scuffs, minor paint repairs and alloy wheel damages is now opening its doors for the public in terms of franchise.

The Boys Who Stop The Noise

A new auto repair business, New England Brake & Muffler, was opened by Ian Stockwell and Aaron Brasie at 814 East Street.

Auto Repair Shop Earn More Because of Potholes

Drivers in Eastern Massachusetts are experiencing big problems because of potholes. These craters have been wrecking tires and rims all over the Boston area.

Save up, Repair and Keep it Simple

When it comes to auto repairs, the common theme is to “do it yourself”, if you’re trying to save money. Still, a lot of car owners are still hesitant to attempt doing basic maintenance and repairs on their vehicles.

Koenigsegg Almost Loses Car Value

The owner of a very expensive made a huge mistake and it involves the keys to his car!

Save Money For Repairs and Use Coupons!

save money at custom automotive using this coupon

Sioux City Auto Shop Blazes

According to officials in Sioux City a man has been rushed to a hospital after a small fire incident that happened at an auto repair shop.

Miami Dealer Practices Unethically

Found in South Florida are car dealers with some of the lowest ratings in the industry for their Service Department operations. Social media sites revealed this news while some reports of unethical practices such as over-billing and poor quality control are pushing local car...

Auto Tips and Rights

When it comes to auto repairs, it seems that many people are not aware of their rights. One of the most common problems is when a customer takes his vehicle to a mechanic who promises that the work will be done promptly, but instead took weeks. What should a customer do when...

DIY Auto Shop Opens

The president of Tire and Auto service Centers, Tim Miller, noticed that more and more people choose doing car repair at home. This led him to a new idea when he closed his business at 67 Capri Lane to pave way for the reopening of the same location as a do-it-yourself car repair...

Free Auto Repair

Free Auto Repairs are given out with amounts amounting to $500! The companies generous enough to give such promo came from Mac’s Auto Parts and Mac’s Service Center.

Flushing Fluids: Can It Prolong Vehicle Longevity?

Whether the technology becomes better or not, regular maintenance is still a requirement. While the common areas are checked twice, such as brake pads, oil changes and tires, one service is overlooked yet important – flushing various fluids.

Expansion Ahead, RoadTab App for Auto Owners

With technology fast spreading across every industry, automotive companies such as RoadTab ensured that the online matchmaking app they launched would be effective for consumers and repair shops.

Auto Repair Regulations Adopted

Amendments have been approved for the California Department of Insurance where the estimates of auto repairs are now cleared together with the non-original equipment manufacturer.

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