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Auto Upholstery Repair

If you’re trying to price upholstery repair for a car, it can be hard to quantify. The price variations vary much like the actual price of a car itself. Much depends on the type of material, but also on the car model and the make of the car.

Risks in DIY Auto Repair

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) auto repair has its benefits and risks. Many consumers grew up changing the oil on their car, or performing other basic maintenance tasks. With today’s modern vehicles, some of the more standard repair tasks are more complex.

Affordable Auto Repair for Low Income Families in Minnesota

Low income families in Minneapolis, Minnesota may qualify for some special auto repair rates thanks to the efforts of Cathy Heying. While Heying served as part of the staff at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church she noticed that car repair was a common thread for families turning to...

Top Summer Maintenance Tips for Cars

Summer is a popular time for hitting the roads and exploring. Many individuals and families plan great road trips during this time. There are several maintenance steps everyone should take before hitting that open road.

Delay in Car Repairs May Cause More Damage

Taking the time to perform routine maintenance can save you from expensive repairs later on. Be sure to watch for both the large and small issues that can arise over the lifetime of your car.

Hail Damage Drives Busy Times at Repair Shops

With the recent tragic storms in Oklahoma City, hail damage seems like a minor incident. When strong hail storms travel through the state, companies like Dent Source in Oklahoma City always see a rise in their business after a major storm passes through.

Auto Shop Educates Employees on Business Costs

Starting and maintaining a car care business can be a difficult task. Craig Ginther of Sudley Car Care in Manassas, Virginia has a great perspective on this. He and his wife have operated their business for 23 years. He currently claims a roster of 4000 customers and has been...

Are All Auto Parts Created Equal?

Because there are so many manufacturers making auto parts it can be difficult to tell when an aftermarket part is worth purchasing. Many are offered at considerably lower prices, but is the savings worth it?

Dealing With a Flood Damaged Car

If you are unfortunate enough to have experienced flooding in your area, there are certain things you need to do to be sure your car is handled appropriately.

Caring for your Vehicle's Fluids

At times it can be difficult to know exactly how to care for the various fluids in your vehicle. It is important to recognize that fluid levels and care are directly related to your car’s performance and health.

Diagnosing Issues with Brakes

If your brakes are making noise or acting up, it can be caused by a variety of issues. Knowing some of the common issues with brakes can help you in determining what is happening.

Meet the Owner: Are Lee Auto Repair

Meet the owner of the Are Lee Auto Repair shop in Nixa, Missouri: Richard Lee. For Richard Lee, the mechanic skills run in the family. He began working alongside his uncle and cousins when he was only 10 years old.

Repair Costs for Hybrids are Down

While the cost of repairing regular cars has recently risen, it is interesting to note that the costs to repair hybrid cars has actually dropped.

DIY Auto Repairs Still Rising

Even though the economy is showing some signs of relief, according to AutoMD.com, consumers are still taking on more do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs. In addition, car owners are keeping their cars longer.

Is Your Car Worth Repairing?

In recent years, car owners have been hanging onto their cars longer. The average age of a car in the United States has reached a high of 10.8 years. Because people are keeping their cars longer, it means they are also facing more repairs.

State Auto Repair Championship

Recently, student teams from 10 technical high schools across the state of Pennsylvania competed for the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Pennsylvania state title. The event was held at the Automotive Training Center in Warminster.

Most Common Car Failures

Knowing the most common failures in cars can help you prepare for and in some instances, prevent them. CarMD.com compiled a list of five of these common failures.

Reducing Auto Debt

When consumers are looking to purchase a new car, it is a major decision. The average price of a new car is currently $31,000 according to Kelley Blue Book. This number represents a significant investment to most households.

Safe Teen Cars

Teen drivers have a reputation for being some of the least safe drivers on the road. For most parents, that’s exactly why the car they are driving should be the safest possible.

Choosing a Mechanic

Choosing a mechanic is a very important decision. There are multiple choices at all price points and the choice might depend on the type of work being done. Most make the choice depending on their vehicle type and their budget.

Auto Repair Shop Revoked of License

Quincy auto repair shop is officially out of business, according to the state! Business owner James Dennis Corey of Corey’s Automotive and Smog is found in East Quincy. He was fined for various violations that now amounts to $9,390 for investigations and court costs. As of last...

The Rising Costs of Owning a Car

The cost of owning and operating a vehicle is now approximately $10,000 per year, according to new statistics from the auto club AAA. These numbers are up about two percent from last year’s figures.

Inflation Increases Foreign Car Services

There is an important message that the Fort Collins Foreign Car Service and domestic auto repair shop wants to tell to customers especially those living in the area

7 Series BMW New in the Market

When it was announced in 2012 that the 7-series of BMW will have a facelift, people couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of and a ride in it.

Things You Should Know About Your Mechanic

Some automobile repairs can be done on your own. But there are times that your vehicles need to undergo professional services to be repaired.

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