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Auto-Related Complaints Top Consumers List

It seems that consumers are quite fed up with having to deal with unscrupulous car salesmen, unprofessional mechanics and cars that turn out to be lemons.

Replacing A Car Window

We have been warned and reminded to keep valuable items in our car to deter thieves from running off with that new laptop or latest iPhone. However, there are still times when we forget the advice and become of car thieves.

Auto Repair Groups Come up With Alternative

Last Tuesday, a letter was sent by the organizations involved in the automotive industry regarding the issue on access repair.

Auto Body Repair Shop Destroyed In Fires

A Western Wisconsin Recycling and Auto Body Repair shop experienced a low point when it literally fired up due to electrical problems.

Concord North Carolina Auto Repair Shops Offers Additional U-Haul Rentals Services

U-Haul Rentals expands and extends to more customers as it gives a Kannapolis Hwy shop the opportunity to serve consumers better. All Transmission & Auto Repair now offers U-Haul truck and trailer rentals.

Preparing For Hot Road Trips

Well, let us take you to some guide lines about getting your car and yourself prepared for the safest time of your life as we put in order some important things first!

Saving Money Through A Paintless Dent Repair System

A paintless dent repair is heaven sent for those small dings and dent that cars typically get over a period of time. These dents and dings are a result of small accidents.

Car Care Council Cares Through a Video

The Car Care Council decided to take a step further in their consumer car care through a video series of its popular video “Auto Service and Repair: What to Expect.”

Continuously Variable Transmission – Driving Your Way To Better Fuel Economy

The quest for higher efficiency and increased gasoline mileage has made auto-makers adapt and improve the current technologies. One of those technologies being used in more vehicles today is the Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT,

Some Facts About A Broken Windshield

Automotive glass is one of the most vital components of a car. It helps you see the road ahead and at the same time protects you from the elements.

Best Movies and Scenes Involving Auto Repair

So many movies deal with cars and auto repair, either as a central plotline or tangentially, so it’s hard to pick out the best. Here are five movies that shine a light on auto repair, either as a plot device, individual scene, or character relation.

Why Does My Car Repair Cost So Much

A lot of people are at a lost why repairs cost so much. This mostly happens when you ask an auto-repair shop for a quote and surprised to find out that it usually runs to hundreds up to thousands of dollars.

Timely Small Car Repairs Can Save You A Fortune

As car manufacturers improve their vehicles, car owners are not rushing to replace their existing cars. A recent automotive industry report said that the average driver hang on to their car for more than five years.

Electric Vehicles Still Trying To Catch Up With Hybrids

It seems that electric vehicles (or EVs) will have a long ways to go before car-buyers will even take a second look at them; not withstanding volatile gas prices and government incentives being offered.

10 Commandments For Auto-Repair

Saw this post yesterday and I found it quite amusing. I am sharing this with you in the hopes that weekend mechanics will be able to gain something from these wise yet funny ‘commandments.’

AAA Top Shop Award Goes To A Chevrolet Dealer In Port Orchard

AAA awarded and recognized Grey Chevrolet in Port Orchard as an AAA Top Shop.

Collision Repair Technology Program

Looking for a job that is in-demand? Why not try out Western Dakota Tech’s Collision Repair Technology Program?

Auto-Repair Shop Acquired For More Than $1 Million

An auto-repair facility in Henrico County, Richmond, VA was recently acquired by Jihong C LLC for $1.1 million or roughly about $84 per square foot.

New Repair Shop in Greensboro is Completely Green

The campaign for environment-friendly products and services seem to be expanding rapidly as one of the eco-friendly businesses expands further in location.

Car Problems Best Left To Experts

There are some things better left to experts, especially when working with a modern car.

Expensive States For a Car Repair

According to CarMD.com, several western states top the nation in having the most expensive auto-repairs. Leading the pack is the d ate of Wyoming, where an average car owner paid $389 for repairs or 17% more than the rest of the country.

Car Dealers’ Right to Repair

Though the decision hasn’t been made up yet, car dealers and shops are up to prepare for the new amended legislation affecting these two businesses. The amendment requires car dealers to provide a fair price on the sales of tools toward repair shops.

Market Trends, Researching and Auto Repairs

Bringing a new product or car design is a very tricky process, a hit or miss affair. To be able to have a decent shot in making a winner, an Automotive Event Research is necessary.

How Does Auto Repair Financing Work?

Paying for car repairs can be a costly endeavor, and not something anyone looks forward to. They typically arise when you least expect, and for many, the cost is a huge hit to the bank. As a result, many people put off getting their car repaired, which often leads to stress and,...

How Auto Repair Insurance Works

Car insurance is a necessity to legally use your vehicle on the streets, but what about auto repair insurance? Unlike regular auto insurance, which covers collisions, auto repair insurance helps cover the cost of basic part failure due to regular wear and tear. This can run the...

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