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Repair Flat Tires With Fix-A-Flat

Vehicle owners are now finding it more acceptable to repair the car themselves. This not only saves cost, also it helps in ensuring that they don’t get victimized by scrupulous auto-technicians.

AAIA Has Taken NHTSA To Task After Security Alert

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) has taken to task the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the government agency’s recent consumer advisory.

Speedemissions Runs Pilot Program For Vehicles Who Failed Emission Test

Speedemmissions, Inc has started its pilot program of repairing customer’s vehicles that have not passed the government-mandated emission test. The program will be tested at their shops in Atlanta, Houston, St. Louis and Salt Lake City.

Japanese Auto-Makers Still Lording It Over Reliability and Quality

Consumers Reports’ 2012 Annual Auto Reliability Survey has just been released. It shows that Asian auto-makers are still consistently doing well with their cars but U.S. and European car makers seem to be troubled by quality.

10 Things You Can Do To Stop Kids From Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one of the primary causes of fatal accidents. Yet, it is one of the hardest habits or behaviors to control, especially among teens.

Honda Vehicles Victims of Hurricane Sandy

The destructive force of Hurricane Sandy has left so many properties useless. Not only houses, landmarks and buildings were destroyed. Cars were also one of the victims of the Frankenstorm.

Before You Leave the Shop Checklist

Taking your car into a mechanic always means one thing: spending money you don’t want to spend. From a simple oil change to new brake pads to a tire rotation, there’s always a chance that you’ll leave with a little less money than you thought due to unforeseen problems. In some...

“Do It Yourself” Car Repair Shop Now Open

Car owners are divided into two groups. The first group of car-owners is composed of people who would rather drop off their cars to car dealers and auto-repair shops and just let the qualified mechanic do the preventive maintenance and repairs.

Cars that Parents Can Give To Their Teenagers

We all know that nothing can be more exciting for a teenager than getting his own car. For a teenager, a car represents independence and responsibility.

10 States With Affordable Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of those things that all families with cars need to budget on. Car insurance basically eats part of your income.

Former Critic’s Car Hit House In Massachusetts

Gene Shalit, a former television critic, avoided serious injuries when his Honda Element struck a utility pole, plowed through bushes and hit the siding of a house in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Yokomaha Launches New Winter Tire

As winter is fast approaching, people in snowy regions may find themselves in several dangerous situations on the road. Fortunately, Yokohama Tire Corp has just released its iceGUARD iG51v.

Testing Your Car’s Electrical Circuit

Sometimes simple equipment can be the most effective.

Help! My Date Awaits, But My Car Won’t Start

All prepped up and ready to pick up your hot date? After checking yourself in the mirror, you get your car keys and readily hop in your newly-detailed ride. As you turn the ignition of your car, you get nothing…

Auto-Repair Shop A Total Loss After Fire

An auto-repair shop is declared a total loss after it was engulfed by fire last October 17, 2012.

7 out of 10 Felony Charges Dropped Against Mechanic

A former mechanic at the Mr. Tire Auto-Service Center in Collier heights have been charged for bilking the auto-repair shop.

Oakland City Files Suit Against Illegal Auto-Repair Shop

The counsel for Oakland City has filed a nuisance case over a couple of residents claiming that they have been illegally operating an auto-repair shop in a residential property in West Oakland.

Keep It Simple Says AAA

One of the hardest things vehicle owners experience, second only to going to a dentist, is bringing their cars to a service centers.

AAA Wants Voters To Vote On Question 1

The AAA is strongly opposing the statement made by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Right to Repair Coalition asking voters to “skip” Question 1.

Both Parties Hope Voters Skip Over Question 1

As the Election Day nears, voters are being asked to “skip” Question 1. Question 1 would make the vehicles’ repair codes readily available to independent auto-repair shops.

Auto Repair Caught in Fire and Explosions

Just along Kansas Expressway and College Street, an establishment called “All About Auto Repair” was reported to be found in fires and small explosions last Monday.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter: 3 Timely Tips

Any extreme weather can tamper or wreak your car. However if precautions are made and maintenance is kept, then vehicle problems can be avoided.

Recalled Cars Off The Road

Car rentals have agreed already to do some action for the safety of many. Recalled cars are out of the list in their rentals, thus supporting a legislation for the safety of customers.

Auto-Repair Suddenly Closes Without Informing Customers

Customers are quite perplexed by the sudden decision of Driver’s Auto Repair to close their shop located on Conroe off North Loop 336.

Good Year Manager Died at 68

The former manager of production planning in Good Year Tire and Rubber Co. died last week. His name was Norman H. Jackson and he stayed in the Frostburg Village Nursing Home.

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