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Family Values Key to Auto Shop’s Success

Keith Roberson opened his auto repair shop five years ago. At the time he received this advice from his mother, “Be honest, be good and make sure your employees are the same way.”

How Often Should a Car Battery Be Replaced?

Most drivers think that the only time to change a car’s battery is once the battery has died. It is important to note that a dead battery may not just signify a battery problem, but might also be an indicator of other issues within the car.

Auto Repair Shop One of Top Spots for Phone Theft

Chances are if you’re in an auto repair shop, the last thing you want to worry about is losing your phone. A recent study showed that the auto repair shop is the number one place for consumers to lose their smart phone.

Lawmakers Weigh in on Auto Repair Debate

With laws delivering conflicting messages, state lawmakers are trying to determine how to proceed.

Auto Repair Shop Offering Free Advice

It is reported that the auto repair industry will bring in an estimated 53 million dollars by the year 2015. Studies show that consumers are also keeping their cars longer, resulting in potential higher costs for repair and maintenance.

Hail Damage Sends Many to Repair Shop

During the summer months it is not uncommon for insurance companies and auto body shops to field many claims for damage caused by hail.

Repair Shop on Wheels

Customers looking to have their car repaired in Racine now have an option of having the car repair shop come to them. Steve Pfaff started Pfaff’s Garage to Go, a mobile repair shop.

Avoiding Common Auto Repair Scams

While most mechanics run perfectly honest shops, there are things that consumers need to know before taking their car to the repair shop.

Extending the Life of Your Car

Many car owners don’t really think of everything that their car goes through on a daily basis. For many who don’t have covered parking, their car sits in all types of weather, every day of the year.

Auto Service Contracts

It is important to understand some basic facts about auto service contracts before purchasing one. They are a popular way to offer car purchasers an opportunity to handle unexpected repairs for their cars.

Why Auto Repair is Expensive

It is a common question among consumers, ‘Why does car repair cost so much?” Consumers should understand that there are three main pieces that go into making up the cost of repairs. The first is labor rate, the second is parts costs and the third is overhead.

One Man Auto Repair Shop Opens in West Longview

John Kornburst took his 15 years of auto repair experience and opened his own shop in West Longview, Washington. The name of the shop is K&K Auto Repair. The shop opened in mid-May.

City Shuts Down Repair Shop Operating from a Home

It seems like every neighborhood has that one house with too many cars to fit in the driveway or garage. One house in Albuquerque warranted a closer look by the city code investigators.

Federated Auto Parts Develops New Training System

A new training program is offered by Federated Auto Parts. The program is titled “Connecting with the New Generation of Auto Repair Customers”. The program is designed to improve customer service through the use of new techniques.

Repair Shop a Mini Museum

Burlingame Motors, a family run shop started in 1979, has become known as somewhat of a vintage car museum. At any given time clients coming into the garage might see any number of unique vintage cars in the shop.

When to Buy a New Car

There are plenty of deals to be had for those shopping for a new car. Loans rates are historically low making the deals even more attractive. There are a number of reasons, however, to keep your old vehicle if it is still running.

Tips to Boost Auto Repair Sales

Today’s auto repair shops need a proven marketing plan to stay competitive. Mastering social media is proving to be a key component for any marketing plan.

Auto Repair Shop to Honor Fallen Heroes

Charron’s Auto Repair is sponsoring an event at the Lincoln Speedway on July 12th. The program is called the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Night at Lincoln Speedway. The event is also sponsored by Napa Auto Care Centers nationwide.

Do Auto Repair Shops Charge Women More?

If asked, many consumers might suspect that auto repair shops charge women more than men. A study conducted by researchers from Northwestern University suggests that there is in fact a gender bias.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Ken Rackley from Tune Tech Automotive in Aurora, Colorado recently answered some frequently asked questions about automotive air conditioning repair.

Eastern Oregon Students Win Auto Repair Award

The national automotive repair competition held at Ford Corporation’s Michigan headquarters was won by two teenagers from Eastern Oregon. The boys are students from Vale High School. Cody Collins, 18 and Logan Boyle, 17 worked together to beat out 98 other students from across...

Which State has Highest Auto Repair Costs?

In a 2012 study New Jersey was named the state with the highest auto repair costs. Vermont came in at the other end of the spectrum.

Shedding Light on the Mystery of Auto Repair

Auto repair is a mystery to many consumers. Often a car owner puts their complete trust in their mechanic or dealer. Being informed about the basics, at a minimum, is an important step for every car owner.

Website Offers Parts for New and Classic Cars

Finding parts for any car can be a chore, but an online store is hoping to change that. The website VehicleParts4You.com hopes to become known as a great place to find parts for both current and classic cars.

Club Works to Fix Classic Car

Misty Davis inherited a 1975 Corvette, Stingray from her father that was in total disrepair. She turned to some local Corvette enthusiasts to help her with this major restoration project.

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