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Williston Repair Shop Not Paying Taxes

An auto repair shop in Williston has been avoiding taxes for five years. Stoney’s Auto Repair, found in 811 E. Noble Ave Williston, is said to have been collecting sales tax but have not paid a single cent since 2007.

Do It Yourself Auto Repair Resources and Advice

When something is wrong with your car, one of the first things on your mind is almost always “How much is this going to cost me?” Yes, the prospect of having to spend some of your hard earned cash far outweighs the practical issues, such as “How will I get to work?”

Maximizing your Gas

Nowadays, streets are filled with busy people that need to get somewhere place fast all the time. So how can you still keep your lifestyle the way it is and save gas without sacrificing time or trips? Here’s how, by following 4 simple maintenances.

Resources for Repairing Your Classic Car

If you do intend on making repairs yourself, finding the right parts can be difficult. Original parts are often sought after due to the desire at keeping the car as it was when it was first manufactured, but this can be difficult. There are several options, however, to help you...

Knowing Your Different Types of Tires

All cars perform differently and with different cars, come different types of tires. These rubbery parts are accountable for your safety, as the type of tire determine the car’s handling and performance.

Common Repairs and Maintenance on Foreign Cars

When it comes down to it, a foreign car is almost identical to a domestic car. They both require all the necessary parts - engine, transmission, battery, etc - to properly run, and they both need routine maintenance and care to prevent expensive problems down the line.

Donate Your Car to Charity: Do Good and Get a Tax Break

Whether your car has finally bit the dust or you’re simply upgrading and finally retiring the ol’ beater you’ve been driving since you were 16, donating your car to charity is a viable alternative to simply dumping it or selling it to a random buyer. Sure, you may get a couple...

How Much Should You Pay for Auto Repair?

No one likes paying for auto repairs. While they’re often necessary to keep your car running and in tip top shape, the often unexpected cost one incurs when fixing a car can cause people to delay the repairs, which can often compound the issue and make things worse.

Knowing When to Change Your Oil

Oil is a vital liquid that needs to be changed every certain time to maintain the engine’s performance. But how often should it be changed?

Fixing Car Rust

How you treat your car is a reflection of you, so when you let it get to the point where rust has started to collect, you know you have to nip it in the bud before it spreads and gets much, much worse. Thankfully, for small areas, removing rust isn’t a difficult process and can...

Automotive Myths

Taking care of your car is like taking care of your second home. You can’t just keep on using the car and not have maintenance or a repair.

Fixing Your Car Radio

Next to air conditioning, one of the most necessary parts of a car that prevents drivers from going absolutely crazy (especially on long trips), is the car radio. Whether it’s your daily dose of NPR or rockin’ out to some heavy metal to get you pumped up for work, the car radio...

Fixing Your Car Engine

A car is a complex machine, with hundreds of parts working in tandem to get you on your way in a safe and efficient manner. At the center of your car’s performance is the engine, that giant and intricate piece of machinery located under the hood responsible for, well, almost...

DMEautomotive's MasterCall(SM) Saves Dealers Money

There is a new marketing program available that claims to save dealers a lot of money while solving consumer connections and it is offered by one of the leading automotive advertising company, DMEautomotive.

Fixing Your Car Upholstery

While the guts of the car are important and should always be maintained, many tend to overlook the importance of having a clean interior. All too often people leave trash lying on the floor, spill drinks and food without cleaning them up, and endlessly smoke, leading the drab,...

Fixing Your Car Radiator

When it comes to car problems you don’t want to deal with while driving in the middle of nowhere, a busted radiator is high up on the list. Responsible for helping to keep your car cool and thus preventing your car from overheating, a radiator is essential to keeping your car...

Pellman’s Automotive Copes with Technology

One of the best automotive shop in Colorado, Pellman’s Automotive, decided to partner with AutoVitals – an internet based company who specialized in marketing and connecting small businesses to consumers who rely on internet.

Fixing Your Car's Transmission

So many things can go wrong with a vehicle, from a simple flat tire to a dead battery, but nothing causes more fear and stress than a problem with your car’s transmission. A transmission is the device inside a car that assists in the shifting of gears as you drive; in essence,...

Levin Tire Center Stays in First Place

For the third consecutive time, Levin Tire and Service Center was declared the best car repair store in the region. The announcement was made in the Times “Best of the Region.”

Fixing Your Car's Electrical System

A car is a complex machine, requiring hundreds, if not thousands, of individual pieces and parts all working in tandem to get and keep your car running. Like most things, these parts can eventually wear out due to continuous use and old age, or break, prompting your car to stop...

Fixing Your Car's Air Conditioning System

With summer quickly approaching, driving around town in a hot car without air conditioning is not an exciting prospect. A vehicle’s air conditioning can stop working for a variety of reasons, with each one requiring a different fix that can, depending on your level of expertise,...

Wal-Mart Mechanic Marked "Satanic” Symbols

A woman reports that a Wal-Mart mechanic marked her car with a satanic symbol.

What Is Involved in Auto Brake Repair

When driving, most people are oblivious to the condition of their brakes. After all, they’re located inside the tire, and the only time many get them inspected is during a routine oil change. Unfortunately, many people go longer than the recommended 3,000 miles and this the first...

Fixing Your Car Windows if They Become Damaged

A broken or cracked window in a car can happen to anyone. You could be driving down the road, enjoying the weather with the windows rolled down when a giant rock pelts your windshield and cracks it; or you could be the unfortunate victim of thievery, a shattered window serving...

Saving Money with New Auto Repair Technique

There’s a new way in mechanical problem solving and Redline Automotive is leading the market in using this technique. The result is not only fast but it also saves up to 50% off.

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